MSA has had a strong working relationship with Product Innovation Ltd. for over 10 years. During this period we have found them to be a responsive partner who can be relied on to find innovative and imaginative ways to solve tricky problems. They've worked well with our development engineers and operations people providing valuable input to our creative new product development efforts. Many of the projects they have worked on with MSA are among our most successful in the market. We definitely view the responsiveness and imaginative efforts of Product Innovation as providing MSA with a distinct competitive advantage in bringing creative new products to market quickly.
Bill Lambert - Vice-President and General Manager,
MSA Safety Products Division
Pittsburgh, PA

I have now worked with Product Innovation Ltd, and Peter Frank, for more than ten years.

Our relationship first achieved commercial success with the introduction to GTI of the first Firefly man down alarm for the Fire Service. During subsequent years we have worked closely with them both on new versions of this product, and also a family of gas sensing instruments for Mine Safety Appliances.

More recently, our relationship has been expanded to include work on extending the Gentech product range, which is a reflection of the high regard that we have for their abilities. Throughout this period, Product Innovation Ltd have developed a close working relationship with key Gentech design and production engineering personnel. They all share my own respect for Product Innovation Ltd’s ability to take a product concept through early feasibility studies to a competitive final production design. In particular, it is their 'free thinking' ability to stand back and take a rather more lateral view of available design options that can make their contribution to established company design teams so valuable.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Product Innovation Ltd Ltd as a potentially valuable external design resource.
Colin R Everett
Managing Director
Gentech International Ltd

Since 1985, our company has worked on eighteen projects, which Product Innovation Ltd controlled and managed. The success of these has proved how well a small team of professionals can design, prototype and manufacture products, which work properly first time, and in very short timescales.
Malcolm Anker - Director
Anker and Renton Ltd
Toolmakers and Injection Moulders

We engaged Product Innovation Ltd to design and develop a new single-gas hand-held monitor to replace an old in-house design. They started from a clean sheet of paper and first produced a feasibility study incorporating electronic designs, appearance designs, provisional costings etc. They then developed the concept all the way through electronics, software, case design and tooling. The transition to manufacturing was seamless and the required international agency approvals were all in place before product launch.

We were kept closely informed of progress at all times, so we were always confident that the final design would meet our customer requirements. The project was completed on time and at a unit cost, which was less than half of the original target.

The product (called the Responder) was very well received in the market place and we have since expanded the range to include five different gasses. Product Innovation has supported this effort throughout with speed and efficiency.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for an efficient, imaginative and comprehensive product development service.
Craig Gestler - Manager of Portable Instrument Design
Instruments Division
Pittsburgh PA

Product Innovation Ltd provided our company with method of measuring Oil Mist in marine diesel engines that removed all the drawbacks experienced with existing systems. The solution was patented. Product Innovation then assisted with development of the instrument up to certification. They are always ready to help if we need guidance.

The QMI Multiplex TM Oil Mist Detector has been a resounding success for our company. It sells worldwide in the marine field. Engine test houses choose it as being the only system that delivers the information needed to protect diesel engines quickly enough to be of use. We have won a Safety at Sea award with an extension of the design. (See http://www.oilmist.com.) We continue to develop the system potential in new fields confident that our mist detection business will go on expanding.

Our experience of working with Product Innovation Ltd is that they have the ability to bring a fresh solution to any problem. Their approach is to find an elegant answer with proven technology used in a new way. They consider simplicity of manufacture and the cost of the final product essential and part of their brief. Product Innovation has new ideas or they are able to provide a new approach to an existing product. They can give a complete service from concept through prototype, testing, approvals, and on to final production.
Angela Smith - Director
Quality Monitoring Instruments Ltd

In 1997 Medical Technologies Ltd licensed major Intellectual Property from Product Innovation Ltd with a view to developing a novel Infusion Controller. Thereafter Product Innovation provided the Technical Director role through the phase of resolving almost all of the technology's risks - including the production of 2 iterations of looks like / works like prototypes. They contributed a great deal of technical skill to the development team, and gave valuable insight into the technology's nuances. Probably Product Innovation's greatest strength is the breadth of their technical knowledge, having been involved in multi-disciplinary product development projects many times before. They are honest, hard working and a delight to work with.
Robby Arnold - Chairman
Medical Technologies Ltd

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